Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets, multiple software, and repetitive processes

CertCare is a comprehensive SaaS-based or on-premise platform enabling end-to-end collaboration. It enables effective management of product compliance and tracks status in real-time. It automates exchange of regulatory documents and data with your vendors and customers.

CertCare ensures compliance with multi-regional regulations for safety, quality, sanitation, environment, and chemicals.

CertCare delivers immediate results helping your company to go beyond manually processed compliance. CertCare replaces all repetitive processes and resource-intensive tasks with digital solutions.

Efficient Collaboration Platform

  • Dedicated modules for your vendors and customers.
  • E-mail-based workflow to assign tasks to internal and external users.
  • Built-in messaging system to speed up resolution of exceptions and problems.

Automatic and Intelligent Process

  • Automatically manages document lifecycle and creates alerts for status changes.
  • Autonomously receives and processes emailed documents.
  • Easily drafts certificates from CertCare library of models and templates.
  • AI-based system extracts relevant regulatory data from documents.

Solution for EHS Compliance

  • Covers EHS regulatory needs.
  • Designed and validated by industry experts.
  • Manages multi-level bill of materials.
  • Tracks chemical substances.
  • Identifies the impact of upcoming regulations for your products and raw materials.

Seamless Integration

  • Standard API interface.
  • Customizable integration module for ERP Systems.
  • Blockchain secures the unique identity of documents ensuring authenticity.
  • Safe user connection through single sign on and two-factor authentication.

Scalable Solution

  • Preferred by leading global complex manufacturing industries.
  • Leverages robust and secure digital technologies.
  • Flexibly designed to integrate new features to manage upcoming regulations.
  • Can scale to hundreds of additional users and sites seamlessly.